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We are looking to hire for the hourly position of Program Support personnel.

Interested parties can find the job description on Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

Job Description

Job Purpose: Program Support personnel are responsible for providing safe, enriching, supervised activities for youth in grades 7-12th, families, senior citizens, and community programs. Program Support personnel assist their direct supervisors with the set up, clean up, and running of daily
operations and program facilitation. Program planning and execution consists of in-person activities on site, and virtual activities that may include from home or on site hours as directed. Responsibilities include safely operating the organization’s van for participant transportation to and from programs, and pick up/ delivery of items for senior citizen food distribution.

Position: Part time, hourly, non-exempt

Rate of Pay: $13.00 per hour
Direct Supervision received from: Development Director and Operations Director

Description of Duties
● Knows and adheres to the mission and vision of Cornerstone Youth Center.
● Provide a safe and enriching environment where all participants are welcome.
● Completes documentation [e.g. daily mileage, vehicle condition report, incident/accident reports, inspection checklist, behavior reports, success reports, etc.] for the purpose of providing written support and documentation.
● Van interior and exterior maintenance: cleaning floors, windows, seats and rest of interior, check fluid levels, fuel levels, tire pressure, exterior conditions, etc for the purpose of ensuring the safe operating conditions of the vehicle.
● Facilitate, supervise, and engage in daily recreation, snack preparation/service, homework assistance, learning center activities, and technology use.
● Facilitate participant sign in/out for program attendance as well as maintain records for learning center session attendance.
● Assist with program opening and closing procedures, and deep cleaning/ sanitizing procedures.

● Must be at least 21 years of age, and have acquired a high school diploma or equivalent, have a current driver’s license with a clean driving record, and be able to drive a 12 passenger van.
● Submit to and clear necessary background checks including driving record.
● Follow all local, state, and federal driving laws, regulations, and restrictions.
● Possess own reliable transportation to travel to and from work.
● Ability to work flexible hours between 8 AM- 10 PM as needed for youth, senior citizen, family and community programs.
● Participate in team building, staff meetings and professional development as required.
● Participate with program evaluation processes.
● Balance appropriate relationships to participants with authority to maintain a safe environment.
● Answer site phone and direct calls appropriately.
● Follow procedures to address incident/injury and behavior issues including filing reports.
● Assist supervisor to maintain program success storytelling documentation.
● Work closely with the supervisor to convey ongoing program/activity information to participants.
● Understand and follow emergency procedures.
● Perform other duties as required for this position and in support of the program teams

Knowledge and Skills
● Bachelor’s Degree or current enrollment towards a degree desired. Must have high school
diploma or equivalency.
● Must have knowledge and experience in safe driving practices and techniques.
● Best candidate is a dynamic, welcoming, high/ low energy balanced, troubleshooting, team
player who enjoys interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and demographics.

● Must be able to lead and work with a diverse group of participants
● Must be able to lead and assist educational enrichment activities
● Ability to work with participants on a large group, small group and individual basis
● Effective verbal, presentation and listening communication skills
● Effective written communication skills
● Able to use standard office equipment and computer software including spreadsheets, word processing, and project management tools.
● Able to use standard kitchen equipment including a stove, oven, sink, dishwasher and microwave.
● Proven ability to work in a team atmosphere and independently
● Must be able to change focus as needed
● Strong analytical and problem solving skills
● Ability to shift easily from high energy activities to lower energy activities and vice versa.
● Ability to understand and carry out oral and written directions
● Ability to follow ongoing processes and procedures.
● Be or have ability to become First Aid/CPR certified.

Personal Attributes
● Honest and trustworthy
● Creative and able to problem solve
● Dynamic and motivated
● Accountable and reliable
● Respectful
● Cultural awareness and sensitivity
● Flexible and adaptable
● Sound work ethics

Working Conditions
● Physical Demands: A Program Support person may deliver support services in a variety of locations and may have to transport, lift and carry equipment and supplies. A Program Support person will
spend long hours transitioning from high energy, high physically demanding activities to
standing and sitting. These activities may cause muscle strain.
● Environmental Conditions: A Program Support person will manage a number of projects at one time, and may be
interrupted frequently to meet the needs of students. A Program Support person may find the environment to be busy and noisy, and will need excellent organizational and time management skills to complete required tasks.
● Sensory Demands: Sensory demands include the use of the computer, which may cause eye strain and occasional headaches. Activities and programs may be noisy and busy making it difficult to concentrate
● Mental Demands: A Program Support person deals with youth and families who can, from time to time, be demanding and challenging. A Program Support person must remain patient and committed to the mission of the organization, and may have to engage in conflict resolution or crisis management at times.

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