Mission, Vision & Inclusion Statements

It was once said that the mightiest of bamboo plants can sometimes take up to five years before the seed sprouts a single shoot. During those years, the seed germinates and spends time growing and developing deep, strong roots. These roots form the foundation to support the plant that can sometimes reach 90 feet within one growing season.

Our belief as The Southeast Youth Council, Inc. operating the Cornerstone Youth Center is very much the same. We believe our youth need time to grow and develop deep, strong roots that help sustain their foundation as adults. We will aid in this development by offering supports to uphold their foundation through the following mission and vision.

Our Mission Statement

Through a Christian environment that welcomes all, we provide opportunities for positive moral growth and sustainable life skills development for youth and families in Southeast Allen County.

Our Vision Statement

We see a community where:

  • Youth feel empowered to make healthy decisions
  • There are safe places for youth to come
  • All people value young people
  • Youth value and respect all people
  • Young people become a productive part of society
  • Families are strong
  • There is a Christian environment that welcomes all

Inclusiveness and Diversity Statement

The Southeast Youth Council, Inc. operating the Cornerstone Youth Center does not discriminate with respect to age, gender, race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other barriers to participation.