Staff & Board


Sarah Deans Adams, Executive Director ext. 181

Marlene DeKoninck, Financial Director & Human Resources ext. 192

Christina Espiritu, Communications & Outreach Director ext. 190

Jeanette Johnson, 21st CCLC Coordinator ext. 185

Lisa Lysaght, 21st CCLC Director ext. 193

Felicia Kowalski, Center Coordinator ext. 185


Our Board of Directors

The Southeast Youth Council (TSYC) operates Cornerstone Youth Center as a 501(c)3 (official IRS non-profit status). TSYC is responsible for the overall governance of the agency. They provide wisdom, accountability and fiscal responsibility. We appreciate this group of community members and their dedication to the youth and families served by Cornerstone Youth Center.

Scott Thum, Chairman
Drew Hoffman, Vice Chair
Chozie Thorp, Secretary
Nick Rothgeb, Treasurer
Rhonda Hockemeyer
Nate Buuck
Linda Wellman
Dave Lafferty
Tim Berry
Marilyn Koeneman
Sharon Wight
Adam Schaffer
Kati Cartwright- youth board member
Adia Horston- youth board member
Sarah Deans Adams- Executive Director

TSYC meets the 3rd Monday every other month at Cornerstone Youth Center. If you would be willing to serve on a board of directors dedicated to youth development, inquire here.