How to Donate


Donations can be made by sending a check to:

Cornerstone Youth Center
P.O. Box 236,
Monroeville, IN 46773

Amazon Smile

Do you shop online at If so, you can use the link below to shop through Amazon Smile the same way with the addition of a portion of your purchase price being donated to Cornerstone Youth Center.

Shop @ Amazon Smile

Regular Gifts

A regular gift is defined as a financial contribution that you plan to make on an on-going annual or monthly basis. By simply committing a dollar amount to CYC, you are saying you believe in what we do and are pledging to help our organization continue and grow.

Item Donations

As you can imagine in serving hundreds of teens a year, we go through a lot of supplies. Below is a list of supplies that we use regularly at CYC and by contributing any of these items, you are helping us save cash to use for programming. The next time you are a store, simply put a few items in your cart and drop them at CYC.

Items used on a regular basis:

  • snacks – fresh fruit and vegetables, pretzels, granola bars, yogurt, 100% fruit juice fruit snacks
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • paper, plastic or styrofoam plates
  • napkins
  • disposable silverware
  • plastic or styrofoam cups
  • dish soap, all purpose cleaners, dishwasher soap, toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner, etc.
  • copy paper – white, colored or anything in between

Funeral Memorial

Cornerstone is blessed to have been listed as a memorial for many past donors who wanted to continue their support after their passing. Please consider listing CYC as a memorial in your pre-planning, for a loved one or choose us when a donors choice is offered by the family.

Endowment Gift

Through the generosity of many past donors, we have been able to start the Cornerstone Youth Development Fund as an endowment for our mission. This endowment will ensure that we are able to continue an endless stream of funds into CYC in future years. The growth of this fund is imperative to the continuation of our mission and serving youth in Southeast Allen County. While the fund is around $20,000 in value right now, growing this fund for future years will allow the principle to be invested while we are able to use the growth for operating support or special projects. The fund is managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. We chose them as the manager of the fund because they offer annual matches to any gift contributed. For 2011, all donations will be matched 20% by the foundation. You can send your donation to CYC or directly to the Community Foundation. For a donation form to give to this fund, click here.

Legacy Gift – Will or Bequest

A legacy gift is a gift that will keep on giving long after you make the donation. A legacy gift can be a simple cash gift that could be invested into the endowment fund, a donation left in your will for a specific purpose, a charitable gift annuity which allows you to live on the money invested now with the balance of the fund being given to Cornerstone at upon death, or by giving stock, land or commodities. Any of these gifts will be greatly remembered.

Privacy Policy Statement

The Southeast Youth Council, Inc. dba Cornerstone Youth Center maintains the privacy of all donors. Names, addresses and other contact information are only used for internal purposes and are not shared outside of the organization. Donors may also choose to remain anonymous on the pledge card from all solicitations. This anonymous opt out choice is given to maintain privacy standards for individual donors. There is no online data collect for users to our website. A third party secure online donation tool through Donation Spring is used to securely collect online donations. The Donation Spring privacy policy further establishes privacy of donor information. Please feel free to view their privacy information by clicking here. Contact Cornerstone Youth Center with any corrections or to remove your donor information from public view by calling 260-623-3972 or by email: