At Cornerstone we love our volunteers! When the community comes together to support our youth we all benefit. Let us know what your interests are in volunteering and we can find the perfect volunteer job for you!  A great way to get started is our Volunteer Application.  Fill it out and email it to us — we’d love to hear from you!  info@cornerstoneyc.org

Here is a list of ways in which you can support local youth by volunteering your time and talents:

Drop-In Center Hours: Volunteers can agree to spend time with youth once a month or once a week during after school and or weekend evenings, playing games, hanging out and just being a mentor to them. Youth will benefit from a positive adult role model and knowing that a community member cares about their wellbeing.

Education Center Tutor: Working with youth as an Education Center tutor is a great way to directly impact youth. Our data indicates the Education Center has helped many youth improve their grades, and you can play a key role in their success.

Guest Speaker: A key focus at Cornerstone is to educate youth about postsecondary options and potential careers. You can visit our Summit program and discuss your career with youth, letting them know what steps to take if they are interested in that line of work. This exposes youth to career possibilities they might never have considered.

Mailings: Many of our volunteers assist with preparing mailings for newsletters, donor solicitation letters, etc. Your assistance with these mailings will save the organization money that can be used to support programming, which benefits our youth. Many of our volunteers say they not only appreciate the opportunity to help Cornerstone, they also enjoy just chatting with each other while they work.

Fund-raising Events: We could not conduct fundraisers such as our annual fish fry and the fall festival without our volunteers. By donating your time at these events, you can help us maximize our profits to better serve our youth.