Volunteering At Cornerstone

There are many ways to volunteer at Cornerstone, and to help us serve our community.  Whatever your interests may be, we can find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!  A great way to get started is our Volunteer Application.  Download the application and email it to Cornerstone at community@cornerstoneyc.org

Here is a list of some of the ways in which you can support Cornerstone and the community by volunteering your time and talents:

After School Youth Program: Volunteers can spend time with youth once a month or once a week during our after school program by volunteering to help distribute snacks.  A key focus at Cornerstone is to educate youth about postsecondary options and potential careers, and volunteers can support Cornerstone by being a guest speaker during Youth Program.  Guest speakers have a unique opportunity to teach and to expose the youth to careers they might not be exposed to otherwise.

Senior Food Program Volunteers: Love to cook? Want to help fill an important need in our community? Our Senior Food Program volunteers prepare, cook, and distribute food to senior citizens in our community who are home-bound or cannot always get out of the house to get food.  Become a Senior Food Program volunteer today!

Community Garden Volunteers: Cornerstone is always looking for volunteers (of all experience levels) to help in the Cornerstone Community Garden!  We need volunteers to plant in the spring, weed and water the garden in the summer, and to harvest and distribute the food in the late summer/early fall.  No garden experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn!

Event Support: We could not conduct fundraisers such as our annual Fish Fry or Fall Festival without our volunteers. By donating your time at these events, you can help us maximize our profits to better serve our community.  Event support volunteers do tasks such as check-in guests, tear-down and set-up, and assist the staff to make sure that the event in successful.

No matter what you are passionate about – there is a volunteer opportunity at Cornerstone for you!

To learn more or to volunteer at Cornerstone:  Call (260) 623-3972 or email community@cornerstoneyc.org