Drop In Hours

The Cornerstone Youth Center’s drop-in center hours are Monday thru Thrusdays 3-6pm, Fridays, 3-11pm, and Saturday 7-11pm.

The center is a positive experience for all youth and welcomes youth from all walks of life and home situations in grades 7-12. Youth are asked to follow rules, including signing in and out of the center upon entry and exit, and follow through on a behavior contract if they break the rules. The center is a safe haven for youth of the area and serves as an alternative to potentially destructive behavior, especially during the after school hours where studies have shown a majority of negative peer pressure is experienced.

Our advocacy for youth extends beyond the walls of the center, as we maintain working relationships with local law enforcement officials to address safety issues in the community that are threats to our youth.  Youth are expected to be truthful about their involvement in negative behavior in the center and are expected to solve conflicts nonviolently. Youth also develop empathy, sensitivity and friendship skills through their interaction with others.


Voltage2013 MLK Day Leadership Recap 017

Voltage gives you the power to make life choices to help you achieve your dreams. Spend time with large groups of your peers developing relationships and life skills. Explore healthy attitudes about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Students meet during collaboration time on Wednesdays at Heritage High School and on Tuesdays at Cornerstone from 6:30-7:30 pm.


2013 MLK Day Leadership Recap 036Summit

Live life to the fullest! Team up with your friends and local professionals to uncover skills and interests you never knew you had through hands-on workshops. Explore college and career opportunities to help you plan for an exciting future. Get the most out of life today and maximize the potential of your future. Join us for dinner and Summit Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm. 7th-12th grade.

The Code

Every third Wednesday of the month, the girls and the guys each get their own space! Join us to discuss how NOT to fall in love with a jerk or jerkette, how to be a better person yourself, and how to make it as young lady or young man in today’s world.


Family Nights
Brass SOS

Bring the whole family down to CYC for our new monthly family nights! We are offering relationship building activities as well as different service projects.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page to learn more information as the dates get closer!


 Weekend Events

CYC THEATER : You get the idea…right?  We pick the movies and play them in the Coffee House for you to enjoy.

What’s Cooking: You get to help make some tasty treats…from scratch!  No box mixes allowed.

Video Game Night:  Show us what you got. Mario Kart, Halo, Guitar Hero and more…

Drop In: Hang out and enjoy some relaxation on the weekend!

Director’s Choice: Once a month join Sarah, our Executive Director, for a fun filled evening. Themes will vary month to month. Water nights, s’mores contests, movies and more will be found during Director’s Choice.